MPP Portal

Software updates and resources for MPP electronics.

Portal Updates:

November 10 2022:

  • C125 V5.04 added with CAN message fixes

November 04 2022:

  • Update V4.02.07 has been released to add compatibility for Tesla's 2022.36 firmware. The Party Box and Cooling Party Controller require this update to function correctly, without it the party box will fault out on track, and the CPC will not function.
  • NOTE: Using this version with Tesla firmware older than 2022.36 is incompatible and the party box will fault out!
  • The Party Box update is currently in beta, please email us if you're not able to access
  • In addition, V4.02.07 of the CPC turns off waste heat while cooling, so the battery will no longer try to heat itself while supercharging if the CPC is active!

July 26 2022:

  • Version 1.01.01 of the Flasher has been released. Please update your app!
  • Fixed: Front and Rear Inside Wheelspin Control Cut Gain parameters were not set correctly. The Party Box was always using default values.